We want to make this learning experience as fun, inviting, and engaging as possible therefore in order for everyone to benefit from their investment there must be a few guidelines to follow.

  1. This course is designed for ages 16 and up. However, if under the age of 18 you must register with a responsible adult party who is willing to give written consent for your participation. Please use the group registration form in such cases.
  2. Unfortunately due to classroom spacing issues and occasional disruptions that could occur, there will be no room for babies or children in class (No one under age 16 or no one allowed who isn't a registered participant.) We understand that it is difficult for some parties and their situations, so we are working diligently to provide a digital alternative to the course in hopes to launch in the near future to meet those needs. Thank you for understanding.
  3. There will be zero tolerance for verbal or physical abuse in class. It should go without saying; but we must stress to you how important it is to please be respectful and polite to all those around you at all times. Difference of opinion is acceptable; however, do not let it lead you to verbal or physical combativeness or endless arguments disrupting the coursework schedule.
  4. All materials will be supplied to you during class; however there are few recommended resources that we ask you to establish and/or bring to class. The list for those items are found here.
  5. Please show up on time or a few minutes early. The class will start exactly on the time it's scheduled to start. If you end up being late, please quietly walk in, and do not knock or ring doorbell. There will be a sign posted on the door that class is in session please do not disturb. Quietly walk-in and take a seat.
  6. If you miss a scheduled course or foresee a day you are going to miss please contact your instructor asap, so she can work you in another scheduled time for that week. If you cannot make ANY of the scheduled classes, missed coursework will be posted on the website and will be available to you when you log in. Classes are Wed. and Thurs. 9-10:30am and 7-8:30pm every week. Missed coursework is posted the following Friday by 11:59pm unless otherwise stated by the instructor.
  7. During class you may find yourself having lots of questions. Please write them down and save them for discussion at the end of class. Most questions might get answered before the class has ended.
  8. Have fun! We want you happily learning throughout the 4 week course. We encourage you to treat this like a hobby instead of rocket science, because well.... It just isn't rocket science lol! Be patient with yourself. It will "click" and you will be couponing before the course ends.


Thank you for reading and understanding these simple guidelines. If you do not understand or accept these guidelines along with our Terms and Agreement, Refund Policy, and Privacy Policy, we ask that you refrain from registering from our course and using our site. We have respectfully put together these terms, policies, and guidelines together in order to protect our users and in-class participants to the best of our ability. We reserve the right to cancel your registration and log-in information, and remove you from the classroom if any of these rules and policies are not followed appropriately.