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Coupon insert stacks with scissorsAnd by signing up for a Coupon Bootcamp class you can expect to learn:

  • About coupons
  • How to obtain coupons
  • What they are and how to use them effectively by themselves and for deeper discounts with store savings!
  • What is a stockpile and how to prepare for one


Cambells Chunky Soup clearanced to $0.27!You'll also learn:

  • How to spot additional savings at most retailers
  • How to plan a coupon based shopping trip
  • Generalized couponing strategies
  • How to budget 
  • How to organize both your coupons and stockpile



All detergent bottles with stacks of $20 billsYou'll gain:

  • A new perspective on shopping
  • Effective budgeting skills
  • Knowledge of your local retailers and their policies
  • A future of lifetime savings with the new skills you learn
  • More product on the shelf and more money in your pocket!


 In addition to all the new skills you will learn, you will be provided with additional resources to further your education on various topics such as rebate apps, printing your own coupons, couponing etiquette, penny shopping, clearance savings, and much much more!

Please read through our classroom guidelines and suggested materials list before registering.

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