Our 4-week Coupon Bootcamp course supplies all necessary items for you to learn about coupons, and how to use them. However, we do recommend a few tools and items to help you along the way, but these are not required to take our course.

  1. A cell phone. There are suggested rebate apps that can help save you additional money, and we will review those apps in-class. There will be wifi available in class, so you can download and start using them during discussion. Also, a cell phone will have a calculator that is equally important during some discussions in class.
  2. A calculator if you do not have a cell phone to bring with you. We will be adding different deals and scenarios and sometimes hands on calculations work best to obtain the information and how scenarios work. This item is strongly recommended for participation.
  3. Some type of organizational storage for your coupons. We will discuss methods in-class, so this will be an item recommended later in the course and is definitely not top priority.
  4. Access to the internet outside of the classroom is recommended for additional links and resources after class ends. It is also where makeup work will be posted, if you miss a class.
  5. A Facebook profile is strongly recommended, so you can be added to special Facebook groups to enhance your learning and get in contact with your classmates and instructor quickly and efficiently. The classroom has a Facebook group you will be invited to after your 1st class, and it's suggested to post questions when outside of class there due to quicker response time. If you do not have one, corresponding with your instructor will be through our website and has a 24-48 hour response time.


Again these materials and resources are NOT REQUIRED; however, they are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to enhance your learning and help you learn to coupon.